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FAQs: Japan Student Visa Application

Japan Student Visa Application is open for all Filipinos who wish to study and work at the same time in Japan with financial capacity to support studies abroad.

Minimum requirement is high school graduate or with at least 12 years of education.

Ideally schools accept up to 30 years old but there are cases that other schools accept more than 40+ years old.

Yes, qualified and financially capable sponsor is required.

Relative by blood or by law could be your sponsor. Sponsor does not necessarily need to be based in Japan, your relative abroad or in Philippines could be your sponsor as long as he/she meets the required documents of sponsor and with financial capacity to sponsor student’s tuition fees and expenses abroad.

Self-sponsor could be accepted as long as you meet all the required documents and you could prove that you are financially capable to support your studies abroad. A higher bank balance or statement must be provided to prove financial capacity.

A required bank balance depends on your length of study. The money you list should cover the tuition fees and your living costs. Ideally, the applicant’s or the sponsor’s bank account should have enough savings bank balance of ¥3M or Php 1.3M

Usual lead time to apply for Japan Student Visa takes about 6 months which already includes interview and selection from school, processing and translation of documents, submission to schools and to immigration, filing of COE and finally application for Japan Student Visa to Embassy of Japan in the Philippines.

Applicant may choose his/her preferred location/prefecture in Japan and we at IPS will introduce our partner Japanese Language schools near your preferred location/prefecture.

Processing lead time for application and filing of COE and Japan Student Visa takes about 6 months. By the time your COE will be released and your student visa will be issued, you may be in the Philippines already.

Whole processing cost to IPS Corporation is PHP 110,000 or its equivalent in yen. These fees are non-refundable, non-transferable. This is divided into 2 payment terms which is the confirmation fee amounting to P60,000.00 and the assistance fee amounting to P50,000.00

School Tuition fee varies by school and city location. Standard rate of tuition fee is around JPY780,000 for 1 year. It could either be higher or lower than that.

Duration of study is minimum 1 year, maximum of 2 years of study in Japan.

Student visa holder in Japan is allowed to work 28 hours per week. During school’s long vacation, students may work up to 40 hours per week. A permit to work must be secured from Immigration.

Student visa holder can convert to working visa after graduation as long as he/she is hired to company with visa sponsorship. Student may apply for SSW, Engineering/Humanities or Instructor visa.

Students may enroll for further studies and enter university or vocational schools after graduating in Japanese Language school.

IPS offers scholarship to qualified students. We accept newspaper delivery scholars and caregiver scholars once every year.

Passing the JLPT is not necessarily required, applicant should have at least 180 hours of Basic Nihongo Course. Basic requirement in applying for student visa is JLPT, NAT or JTEST or Certification at least N5 Level and Basic Nihongo Language Certificate (180 Hours or more).

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