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Study Nihonggo with Expert Japanese Language Instructors of IPS Corporation

Unlock Teaching Opportunities in Japan with IPS Corporation - Philippines' ALT Training & Seminar

IPS Corporation – Philippines’ Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) Training and Seminar is our comprehensive program designed to equip you with the necessary skills, fostering cultural exchange and language development in Japanese classrooms.

Whether you’re a seasoned educator or exploring teaching for the first time, our training is tailored to enhance your capabilities and prepare you for a successful career as an ALT.

ALT Training & Seminar, IPS Corporation - Philippines
Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) Training & Seminar Completion

Why Choose IPS Corporation's ALT Training?

1. Interactive Teaching Techniques:

  • Learn and practice interactive teaching methods that engage students and create a dynamic learning environment.
  • Develop strategies to encourage student participation and foster a love for language learning.

2. Group Activities and Collaboration:

  • Explore the effectiveness of group activities in language education.
  • Learn how to manage and facilitate group interactions, promoting effective communication and language acquisition.

3. Thoughtful Discussions:

  • Engage in discussions on best practices in language teaching.
  • Exchange ideas with fellow participants and our experienced trainers to broaden your understanding of effective teaching methodologies.

4. Comprehensive Study of Grammar & Pronunciation:

  • Deepen your understanding of Japanese grammar and pronunciation.
  • Receive expert guidance on effectively conveying language nuances and ensuring accurate language acquisition.

5. Dynamic Demo Lesson Sessions:

  • Participate in and conduct demo lessons to apply theoretical knowledge.
  • Receive constructive feedback from our experienced trainers to refine your teaching techniques.
ALT Training & Seminar, IPS Corporation - Yokohama

Important Note: Currently Available for Japan Residents only

Our ALT Training & Seminar program is currently available exclusively for those residing in Japan. This immersive training experience is designed to align with the unique challenges and opportunities within the Japanese education system.

Coming Soon: ALT Training for Filipinos in the Philippines

Exciting news! IPS Corporation is actively working to expand our ALT Training & Seminar program to Filipinos living in the Philippines. Stay tuned for updates as we bring this transformative training opportunity to your doorstep.

ALT Training & Seminar, IPS Corporation - Coming Soon in Philippines
ALT Training & Seminar, Coming Soon in Philippines

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Our Primary Service

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Nihonggo Courses

Embark on a journey of linguistic excellence with our Japanese language courses, ranging from JLPT N5 to N2 proficiency. Our expert educators and immersive curriculum ensure a seamless progression in your language learning experience.

From the basic 'hello' (こんにちは) to conversational Nihongo, we will help you on each and every stages of your language learning experience.



Learn & Earn Program

IPS Corporation – Philippines introduces our Learn and Earn Program – your passport to studying and working in the vibrant and culturally rich land of Japan. We will help you through the entire process of becoming a Japanese Student Visa holder with no hassle.

Be a Japanese Student Visa holder now! Live, Study, Work and Earn in Japan through IPS Corporation.

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ALT Training & Seminar

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Ready to Learn, Live and Earn in Japan?

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