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What is Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) Program in Japan?

The Specified Skilled Worker Program is an initiative introduced by the Japanese government to address labor shortages in specific industries. It provides foreign workers with the opportunity to work in Japan in designated skilled occupations. The program is divided into two categories: Specified Skilled Worker I and Specified Skilled Worker II.

Specified Skilled Worker I:

This category includes jobs that require a certain level of skill and expertise. Workers under this category can stay in Japan for up to five years but are not eligible for permanent residency.

  1. Accommodation Industry: Hotel and inn operations.
  2. Building Cleaning Management: Cleaning and maintenance of buildings.
  3. Construction Industry: Various roles in the construction sector.
  4. Food Service Industry: Cooking, waiting, and related roles in restaurants.
  5. Industrial Machinery Industry: Operation and maintenance of industrial machinery.
  6. Manufacturing Industry: Various roles in manufacturing, including assembly line work.
  7. Agriculture: Cultivation, harvesting, and related activities.
  8. Fisheries: Fishery-related work, including fishing and aquaculture.
  9. Automotive Maintenance: Maintenance and repair of automobiles.

Specified Skilled Worker II:

This category is for higher-skilled workers who have more advanced expertise in their respective fields. Workers under this category may be eligible for a longer stay, and there is a possibility of applying for permanent residency.

  1. Aviation Industry: Roles related to aircraft maintenance.
  2. Nursing Care: Caregiving and related healthcare services.
  3. Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industry: Construction and maintenance of ships.
  4. Electric, Electronic, and Information Industries: Roles related to electrical and electronic systems.
  5. Construction Industry: Specialized roles in construction, such as welding.
  6. Automotive Maintenance: Higher-skilled roles in the maintenance and repair of automobiles.
  7. Manufacturing Industry: Higher-skilled roles in manufacturing.
  8. IT and Software Services: IT-related roles, including programming and software development.
Japan Specified Skilled Workers (SSW) Visa, IPS-Corporation Philippines
Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) Program in Japan

Key Features of the Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) Program?

  • Occupation-specific Training: Applicants undergo training specific to their designated occupation to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Language Proficiency: Depending on the job category, applicants may need to demonstrate a certain level of proficiency in the Japanese language to ensure effective communication in the workplace.
  • Employer Sponsorship: To participate in the SSW Program, applicants need a job offer from a Japanese employer who is willing to sponsor their application.
  • Workers under the SSW Program can renew their visas if they continue to meet the program requirements. Specified Skilled Worker II holders may have the opportunity to extend their stay or apply for permanent residency.

Benefits of Living and Working in Japan for Applicants:

  • Rich Cultural Experience: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Japanese culture while preserving the warmth and hospitality inherent in your own cultural identity.
  • Professional Growth Opportunities: Japan’s diverse industries provide abundant opportunities for professional growth. Elevate your career and gain valuable international experience in a dynamic work environment.
  • Quality of Life: Enjoy Japan’s renowned quality of life with efficient public transportation, safe communities, and a blend of traditional and modern living.

Why Choose IPS for Your SSW Journey:

  1. Tailored Support for Everyone: IPS Corporation values diversity and offers tailored support to individuals from various backgrounds. Our experienced team understands the unique needs of applicants, creating an inclusive environment for all.

  2. Cultural Sensitivity: IPS Corporation recognizes the importance of cultural adaptation. Our team, well-versed in both Japanese and various global cultures, offers guidance that respects and integrates the diverse backgrounds of our applicants.

  3. Comprehensive Language Assistance: Overcome language barriers with IPS Corporation’s language support. We assist applicants in developing essential Japanese language skills, and promoting effective communication for success in the workplace and daily life.

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